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    Janice entertains with stories of moral courage and character through oral book reviewing.  Her dramatic presentations lend themselves to secular as well as Christian audiences.  Women seeking to understand how faith can relate to everyday life will be inspired by the true-life stories of such people as Ruth Graham, Corrie ten Boom, Berta Hummel, Sarah Edwards, Kathryn Koob, Miep Geis, and Elizabeth Dole.  Also presented in story-telling style are works of fiction such as Julie, by Catherine Marshall and The Locket, by Richard Evans.

    As a librarian and educator, Janice is comfortable researching and preparing programs on numerous contemporary and historical topics. Through extracts of current literature, critical analysis of cultural issues, and her own global experiences, Janice inspires audiences to be women found faithful.

    Janice graduated from Baylor University in 1969 with a degree in mathematics and secondary education. She earned a Masters in Library Science from the University of North Texas in 1983. Married for over 30 years and the mother of two grown children, Janice has worked as a teacher, tax accountant, seamstress and free-lance writer.

    Janice has been actively involved in various historical and educational organizations. She is a guest columnist for her local newspaper, an interpreter for the deaf and the Director of the Media Library of First Baptist Church of McKinney.

    For over twenty years, Janice has traveled overseas annually with her church to live and work for two weeks with national Christians. This volunteer mission work has taken her to five continents and hundreds of congregations where she has been a participant and a learner.


Oral Book Reviews

    Janice has been reviewing books since 1984. Her repertoire incorporates works of humor, romance and current affairs, as well as journalist accounts of people and places. Each year Janice introduces a new book, in dramatic monologue style, to a variety of audiences. Exemplary of the books Janice has reviewed in recent years are:



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Tea Talks

The Secrets of Victorian Houses

The Meaning of Manners

Taking Tea in the Twenty-first Century



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Christian Commentaries

The Simple Life - seeking first the kingdom of God in a consumer society

The Significant Woman - Goal setting for the second half of life

Marriage to a Difficult Man -The life of Mrs. Jonathan (Sarah) Edwards

Sketch Me, Berta - The life of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel

"You have a wonderful talent...and a real
command of performance."

Florence Littauer,
Christian author and speaker

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